Thursday, May 20, 2010

RYLEE is 2 years old!

Rylee's birthday:
To begin the day,we watched Sprout to see if the birthday card I sent in would be on tv, well it wasn't ,but her name was on the bottom of the screen & i got a video of it for her to see when she's older.
And then she got to swim in her brand new pool! she loved splashing around, she never wanted to get out.

at Chuck E Cheese. it was her very first time to ever go there and she was AMAZED, she saw toys and kids all around her, she had a blast.
We decided this year not to do a party for her, and just do family.
She got a tricycle, a big ball, & a sit and spin from mommy and daddy. Her nana & pappaw got her a Justin Bieber poster & her new big pool with a slide :].
She played for hours and hours. We will definately be taking her back soon.

Rylee can say just about everything i think. Actually somewhere she heard "I'm gonna break your neck", i'm guessing tv.
So one day she randomly runs up to me and says "i'ma break your neck" and is pinching my neck.
its cute when she says it, but i can't believe she learned something like that!.
She is very polite, aside from breaking people's necks. She says May I?, Please, Thank you, Excuse me & Your welcome.
I really feel like she is going to turn out to be a sweet little lady. :]

The saturday after her birthday we decided to have family over for cake.
She was the center of attention just like she likes!
Over all she had a very good birthday and for a couple days later she said "my birthday", she wanted everyday to be her birthday, it was too cute.
She tells me out of the blue that she loves me all the time, & after i say I love you ,she usually says, I love you more :]
I love being her mommy more than anything. She is such a bright, sweet, polite little girl and I am proud to be her mom.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Talking, Talking, Talking

Rylee is almost 2 years old! I can't believe it really.
We told her about a month ago that her birthday is coming up and that it's May 5th.
So now everytime we ask her when her birthday is, she knows.
It's so cute. It's almost like Rylee can hold a full conversation with us.
She remembers things that I told her months before.
If I ask her something, she always gives me an answer, even if it is just to say " I don't know".
Sometimes she makes up her own answers to things too, like the other day I asked her who made her smart? And she said "daddy".
I asked her who made her pretty? And she said "mommy". I don't know how she knows to say the things she does.
It's really funny sometimes. I could go on forever about how well she talks now.
She puts words together really well now, which was someting I worried about her doing for a while so I am so glad :]
When she is in a really good mood, just randomly she will say "scited mommy!"
Those kinds of things just make my whole day :]

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rylee's 2nd Easter!`

This year with the Easter Bunny I was more than expecting another melt down like we had with Santa, so i definately was expecting Rylee to be crying around him.
We had stopped by to see the Easter bunny about a week before we actually took pictures just to see how she would react.
And I was holding her and as soon as I started to get closer to him she started whining and holding on to me tighter and looking away.
When we went back a week later, Jake really helped the situation.
First I put Aedyn on the bunny's lap and then I think she started to see that he wasn't going to hurt her or anything.
And then Jake just worked it in steps, he went over and sat by the bunny's chair and asked Rylee to come over and stand by him with him.
So she did but she still wanted her daddy to get her away from him.
The next thing was he walked away and he told her to just stand by him.
And then after enough of that went on we asked her if she would sit on his lap, and she said "yeah".
So it worked out perfectly and i got a smiley picture!

We had our Easter Egg hunt at Coolidge this year.
We got there pretty early for a good parking spot and I knew Rylee would be able to get her face painted.
She did really good with that, she said there patiently through getting a butterfly on one cheek and a flower on the other.
Then we waited a while for them to start the Easter egg hunt, So Jake took her to play with the bells at the park, which kept her occupied for a little while.
And then her Nana and Pappaw came to watch her hunt easter eggs, and Rylee is completely attached to her pappaw.
She was very happy to see him.
Once the hunt began, it was crazy, there was about 30 little 0-2 year olds and their parents rushing in.
And most of the parents were swooping up eggs for their kids, and I didn't think that was the point, I was there to let Rylee have some fun and do it herself.
She did really good, not like last year when she just wanted to pick up one egg and look at it a while.
She kept going to the next egg, but one thing she kept doing that was so sweet, she probably put half of her eggs in other babies baskets.
She just loves other babies, she is always in aw of them.
But the next round to hunt Rylee's daddy got her a bunch of eggs.. haha...
mainly because there was a 7 year old in the 0-2 section stealing all the eggs. :/

After the hunt was over, we went to listen to the Church service and Choir.
Rylee did not want to sit still for that at all, So she threw her hacky sack around for a while, which she loved!
And then her pappaw took her on the River boat.
When she came back to me Amanda and Lexie were there. Rylee rarely gets to see Lexie anymore.
She kept going up to her and saying "hey lexie, hey lexie" hahah.
i could tell she was happy to see her.

But she was way too hyper to be sitting around, so she kept running from me, and running pretty far! It was getting pretty annoying.
So eventually I got her to stay right around where we were, and where I could see her.
I kept telling her that she didn't wanna leave her lexie, and it worked.
She went up to this random little girl, probably around the same age as her and kissed her, it was too cute.
So Rylee was standing about 4 feet away from us on the concrete and all of a sudden, she gets ran over by a girl on a bike.
I couldn't have been more upset, i don't know how I didn't go off on that little girl or her mom.
My mom went up and said something to the mom because the girl just kept on riding her bike, knowing she just ran over a 2 year old, like it was nothing.
The mom said " kids will be kids"
I was so furious, we left.
Definately ruined the experience for us & I doubt we will go back next year.
After that, we went to Olive Garden with my parents :]
It was a nice Easter even though everything that happened... It was nice to do things out of the ordinary...

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Since I had Aedyn almost 2 months ago, Rylee has been spending alot more time at her Nana's house, which I mentioned before.
So all of a sudden, when she comes home, she is telling me she wants to watch cartoons.
I have never even told her about cartoons or showed them to her or anything.
I would really rather wait as long as I could before she has an interest in TV. I would rather her play with her toys or being playing outside, just being active instead of sitting in front of the TV all the time.
So my mom tells me that she loves them and she puts them on for her.
I realize she didn't know I didn't want her watching them, so I can't really be mad.
But there is no going back now, Rylee has the best memory of any 2 year old I have ever seen.
She begs and begs me to let her watch them, so I usually do for a certain amount of time a day.
But I put on Sprout, those shows are usually more educational.
Now I am mad because, I told my mom to put on Sprout for her if she is going to play cartoons for her instead of nickelodeon.
But still everytime I come back to get her, she's watching Spongebob, she can't get anything from that!?
I don't want to have to stop taking Rylee over there because that is the only help I get, but she doesn't listen to me!?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So about a week ago, I was taking our puppy, Bella outside on our back porch, usually Rylee comes with me, but since we dont have a gate up around our back yard yet, Rylee & Bella can just run around and I don't like that because there is a busy road right there.
Bella doesn't usually run around unless Rylee is out there to chase her. So for the first time I decided to leave Rylee & Aedyn inside while I took the dog out.
Aedyn was just sitting on the couch like a good boy.
Well, I come back to the door literally like 5 minutes later and Rylee has turned the lock on the knob!
And this is not something she has ever done before so she really didn't understand it at all.
She just thought I was not coming in to torture her.
I was trying to talk to her through the glass on the back door to tell her to turn the botton on the knob to let me in.
But she didn't get it at all. So she was just standing there screaming and crying.
So I was stuck outside by myself without keys or a phone.
If this were in the old apartment, no problem, i would have went downstairs to Amanda's and used her phone or walked to the office to have maintenance let me in.
But at our new house I don't really know any of the neighbors and we don't have an office here.
So I decide I have to start ringing doorbells, I have to use someone's phone.
No one is answering the door, finally the last neighbor does.
So I am calling, calling, calling the landlord, no answer! oh my god!
I finally call my mom and tell her to come over because I don't know what else to do!
I get ahold of my landlord and she says it will take 10 minutes to get to our house.
My mom comes before then and that really made it worse for Rylee because she really wanted my mom and she could'nt get to her.
For some reason Rylee keeps saying Aedyn! Aedyn!, and I can see him on the couch, he is just there sleeping, by this time he had fallen over though. Luckily not off the couch!
But Rylee didn't know what else to do and didn't have anyone else's comfort, so she just kept going up to him and kissing him.
It was kinda sweet but at the same time I was so worried that she was going to pull him off of the couch or something.
Finally the landlord comes and lets me in.
I am so relieved for this nightmare to be over!!!
Rylee didn't calm down for a long time. It really upset her. I hope she learned her lesson!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Rylee is growing up sooo much faster now.
Everyday she is less and less like a baby. She talks all day long and makes sense.
I can tell her almost anything and she understands what I am saying.
Like for example, when I can tell she is fake crying, I will call her a "faker" and she will usually stop crying because she was caught.
Well, the other day we were watching tv and on a show there was a guy who I knew was fake crying, you would think a kid would believe it, but she was like "faker"!
It was so funny :]
And I usually tell Rylee when she is coming down the stairs to be careful.
Well the other day I almost fell and Rylee was like "be careful mommy!"
it was so cute, I had no way of knowing before this that she even knew what I meant.
She is putting her words together so good, I can get her to say 3 words together at any given time really, I just have to break each word off and tell her 1 at a time and then she will say all 3.
We are still working on colors, she's getting better, but slowly. lol.
Rylee has been spending alot of time at her nana's during the day while I run errands or just while I take a break.
Just last Friday, my mom asked to keep Rylee for about 6 hours. I ofcourse said yes...
I would love a good break. Rylee really enjoys being over there anyways so it was win win win.

Last week we bought a pitbull puppy named Bella.
Rylee loved having a puppy, she would play with her all day long.
But the Rylee started liking tp pick her up and sit on her and hit her, so we had to sell the dog.
It was really too much on me having 2 kids and a puppy top look after especially having to watch constantly so Rylee wasn't hurting her.
She went to a really good couple and I know she has a much better home than she had here.
Since Bella has been gone, Rylee really doesn't mention her much. She remembers her, but I am so glad she wasn't sad that she is gone. :]

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Rylee adjusted so well to our move to our new house and becoming a big sister.
She hasn't seemed to be jealous at all!
And while I was in the hospital she stayed with her Nana & Pappaw, so she bonded alot with her, so if I am ever having a bad day and I need a break from her my mom is usually happy to take her for me.
And Rylee definately loves to go see her nana! Anywhere else I leave her she screams for me, even if it is with her own daddy. But not with Nana or Pappaw.

Rylee loves to give Aedyn kisses and try to help me with him, she gets me diapers for him or her and throws them away.
The only problem I have had is when she thinks shes helping and she is soooo not!
Like the other day I had the bulb suringe on the couch and Rylee picked it up and put it in her mouth and I told her to take it out.
I looked away for about 30 seconds and I turn back around and shes sticking it down Aedyn's throat gagging him bad.
I felt so bad for him.

She is very protective of him. I was using the bulb suringe on his nose and he was crying, Rylee started crying and saying no! no! no!
She gets really upset when he goes to the doctor because she is scared of the doctor herself, so she gets scared for him too!
Its very cute!
But I definately have my hands full!

Rylee has learned her left and right almost perfectly.
She will say "left hand", "right hand", "left foot", and "right foot" and she gets it right almost everytime.

I try to teach Rylee just about every word I know myself.
I want her to be as smart as she possibly can be.
She now says "housewives" when the show Desperate Housewives is on.
And she knows "Reba".
She even knows the "progressive" commercial as -car insurance.
Shes too funny sometimes!
--Aedyn being here has helped alot with her putting words together instead of just saying 1 word all the time.
She will say stuff like "Love you Aedyn" and "bless you Aedyn".
Now she has taken it and saying alot of words together, like "thank you mam" "hey mommy (or whoever she is saying hey to).
I really feel like she must be one of the smartest 22 month olds ever.
I am so proud of her :]